Family crib

Holzschnitzerei seit 1967

The sculptures are coloured, stained in two colors woodtone finished and antiqued available in the following sizes: cm 8 - cm 11 - cm 13 - cm 15 - cm 23 - cm 30 - cm 45- ( cm 85 Family with ox and donkey)

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Moor King Kaspar
Withe King Balthasar
Kneeling King Melchior
Withe King Balthasar
Kneeling King Melchior
Moor King Kaspar
Shepard with milk / Children and cart
Camel driver / camel
Musician page
Sheep with one lamb
Grazing sheep
Camel driver
Goatherd / group of goats
Watching sheep
Sheep with bell
Shepherd scene
Goats family
Lying goats
Group of sheep
Family of sheep
Watching sheep
second Shepherd scene
water carrier
Shepherd with duddelsack
Lying shepherd
third Shepherd scene
Shepard with presents
Watching shepherd
Shepherd with hens
Shepherd with goose
Kneeling sheperd
Grand mother with wood
Elephant family
Elephant baby
Original Family crib
shepherd at the bonfire
Shepherd with lamb
Shepherdess with fruit
Classic stable
Holy family with ox and donkey
Shepherdess with child
hens and chicken
Shepherd musicians
Shepherd with child
Shepherd with kit and flock of sheep
Goatherd scene
Shepherdess at the fontain
Shepherd with kid / Shepherdess with bread
Shepherdess with child / hens
fountine scene